Laura Welper joined The PLUS Company in 2019 and immediately made a positive impact on everyone around her.  Her wonderful attitude and willingness to work with clients of all abilities soon made her a favorite among clients and staff.  Laura shows incredible creativity and compassion for everyone she works with. According to Laura, working at PLUS is more than just a job. “The PLUS Company is an extended family to me.  I love what I do and I do what I love!” The families of those Laura works with were very excited to share their thoughts on Laura.

“Laura is always perky and happy when she greets us in the morning and drops Andrew off in the afternoon. Andrew is really enjoying his time with Laura and the other young men he spends his day with.” – Mary (parent)

“Laura is hard working and takes her job duties seriously.   She is committed to her job and her clients.  She goes the extra mile to make them happy and give them ideas of what to do during the day when they don’t have structured time.  She has a gentle and caring side too.  My daughter has been lucky to have worked with her for a few years.  I would also say that Laura is attentive to her clients and compassionate towards them.  Along with being kindhearted, helpful and thoughtful.”  Nanci (parent)

“Laura is a wonderful care giver who goes the extra mile to seek out great experiences for our son Zachary.” – Don and Janice (parents)

“She is a hard worker with a positive attitude who always gives her best effort toward helping the individuals she supports to meet their needs and be as independent as possible. She tries to be creative in supporting those she works with, and is always willing to accept new challenges and responsibilities, but also isn’t afraid to ask for feedback if she feels her ideas or approach aren’t working.” – Brian (co-worker)

“Laura is a great team player, she is great at taking direction and helping out whenever asked. Laura always has a positive attitude and is a great reporter to keep everyone in the loop. Laura always looks out for the clients best interest and puts her heat into her job.” – Rebecca (co-worker)

“Laura is a very organized person who is very much on top of things. She gets us to do what we need to do, even if we don’t want to. She is dedicated, kind, and helpful.” – Rich (parent)

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