Customized Supports & Services

Group of PLUS company clients

Customized Supports

We provide individual programming based on the needs of the individual including life skills, social opportunities, community access, education and enrichment activities and employment training and vocational support. The PLUS Company offers hourly and full-day programs, with a focus on providing meaningful experiences and a level of care that meets the needs of each individual. We achieve this through two main pillars, Customized Home and Community Support.

In The Community

Customized Community Supports may involve helping with grocery shopping, volunteering, going to and from appointments, exploring new careers, learning useful skills, building new friendships, and participating in community-based activities. We encourage our clients to explore their community by taking part in activities, including aquafit at the YMCA, book club at the library, learning about nature at Beaver Brook, participating in our campus-based enrichment program at Rivier University, and taking part in PLUS Company Adult Education and Enrichment classes. The goal is for each individual to become a full, active member of their community and as independent as possible.

At Home

Customized Home Supports may include services such as helping with personal care needs, hygiene/grooming needs, setting up cleaning/housekeeping schedules, doing laundry, money management, or assistance with bills. Our Home Supports are customized to an individual’s needs.  This may include providing supports while living in an apartment or at home with family.  The goal is to help the individual learn the skills needed to live as independently as possible.

Specialized Programming

  • Intellectual Disabilities (Developmental Disabilities)
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Autism (ASD)

We have programs for all walks of life including our programs for Seniors with disabilities, which focuses on building a schedule that provides for a meaningful day. For individuals with Autism (ASD), we focus on creating curriculum to enhance their skills, while also developing social skills. The goal is to provide an enriching environment for all of clients, including recreational, educational, and employment services.