Our Story

Established in 1972, The PLUS Company, was incorporated as a non-profit entity in 1978. In 1981, the District Court of New Hampshire issued an order which mandated that residents of the Laconia State School be de-institutionalized and returned to their communities. This greatly increased the need for community-based services for people with developmental disabilities and resulted in the rapid growth of The PLUS Company.

Several group homes were established in the Greater Nashua area, and an emphasis was placed on vocational training and skill building. Over the years, The PLUS Company has continued to grow, creating innovative, individualized programming to serve the changing needs of individuals with disabilities and their communities. The PLUS Company expanded into Massachusetts in 1988.

In 2005, The PLUS Company’s Progress Center opened its doors, making way for more Adult Education classes and enrichment programs. In 2010 The PLUS Company purchased 19 Chestnut Street in Nashua, which allowed for more opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the Nashua area.

Through the years, the goals and objectives of The PLUS Company have evolved to maximize options for vocational, social and financial independence, and integration for adults with disabilities.

Today, the vocational focus of The PLUS Company, Inc. has shifted to inclusive employment opportunities within the community. Group homes are giving way to individually supported home environments. The result has created dramatic improvements in the lives of the people

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For inquiries, please email: info@pluscompany.org