Staff Stories


Laura Welper

Laura Welper joined The PLUS Company in 2019 and immediately made a positive impact on everyone around her.  Her wonderful attitude and willingness to work with clients of all abilities soon made her a favorite among clients and staff.  Laura shows incredible creativity and compassion for everyone she works with. [...]


Christine Teixeira

Christine Teixeira is the Massachusetts Retail Career trainer. Which means she runs the Retail internship. Christine will work with a group of 4 students at Marshalls. Her day will consist of classroom time where she will work with them on the curriculum, along with teaching the students the different job task at Marshalls. [...]


John Korpi

“Is John here yet? When will he be here?” PLUS Company client, Ian, is gazing anxiously towards the road, hoping that Direct Support Professional, John Korpi will appear at any moment. Ian is hoping that John will show up soon, not just so he can eat lunch, but because he knows that John [...]


Karen Corcoran

Karen Corcoran has been working at the PLUS Company as a Direct Support Professional for 7 years. When asked how she first heard about the position, she explained, “When my son Sean started to attend PLUS during and after high school, I became involved in The PLUS Company’s PLUS Pride Special Olympics program. [...]


Singa Jimba

Singa Jimba has been with The PLUS Company for two years, and has made a huge impression on the clients he works with in that time. Singa works primarily in the residential department, supporting two ladies who live together in a staffed home. He says he loves his job and the growth he [...]


Vicky Mercado

Vicky Mercado is a shining star working in our Community-Based Day Supports program in Massachusetts. According to her supervisors, Vicky sparkle with energy and brightens the day of everyone she comes into contact with. Coworkers and the clients she works with all benefit from her compassion, kindness, and optimism. Vicky also has a [...]

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