Ellen Greten has worked for The PLUS Company since 1983, before many of the current staff were born!  At the time, The PLUS Company operated a large sheltered workshop on Simon Street, and clients were expected to spend their days working or learning vocational skills.  Ellen was hired to lead a new, innovative program called “Work Stations in Industry.”  This program allowed PLUS to put small, supervised groups of people with disabilities to work in companies throughout the community.  Ellen’s first site was working with a group of ladies cleaning hotel rooms at Howard Johnson’s.  “I must admit it was one of my favorite jobs,” Ellen says. “My group, many of whom have since passed away, was delightful.  The head of housekeeping and all the staff at HoJo’s were so welcoming.  It was challenging work but a lot of fun too.”  As time passed, Ellen moved on to more management positions, but is often still called upon to do direct care and site supervision.  “The best part of my job is working with the most varied collection of uniquely wonderful people. I have worked with people under some extremely challenging situations, where everyone worked together, helping each other through.  When I eventually retire (and I know that will happen someday), I will look back on my years at PLUS with great fondness.”