PLUS Company of Massachusetts

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The PLUS Company of Massachusetts has offices in Lowell and Tewksbury, and provides innovative and creative services for adults with disabilities. Individuals learn through hands-on experiences, training programs, job sites, and vocational, and community integration programs. The goal is to ensure that those served by The PLUS Company have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become vital, productive members of their communities.

Adult Education and Community-Based Learning are the cornerstone of The PLUS Company’s programs. In-person classes are typically offered during evening hours, while online and virtual classes are held throughout the day. Subjects taught include everything from health and fitness, to cooking, and learning to cope with anxiety. In addition, sector-based training programs allow PLUS Company clients to learn employment skills in a real work environment. Clients are taught hard and soft skills, including how to interact with co-workers, time management, and appropriate dress. Upon graduation, clients are assisted with finding the best possible job match.

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