Employment Services

The PLUS Company of Massachusetts provides innovative programming that focuses on teaching the skills necessary to find employment. Training programs are created in partnership with local businesses that ensure PLUS Company clients learn vocational skills in an inclusive environment. Job development focuses on both the abilities and the goals of the individual.

Sector-Based Training

The PLUS Company operates an award-winning sector-based training program in partnership with Lowell General Hospital/Sodexo (STRIDE). Interns gain skills in various occupational rotations including Environmental Services, Materials Management, EKG department, Mail Room, Food Services, Sanitary Services, Transport, and other departments in combination with classroom coursework and special projects.

Interns gain real world experience and an opportunity to explore different career paths within the Healthcare sector, but also acquire skills that transfer well to other industries such as Hospitality. Retail Training Program Graduates from the Retail Training Program which operates in partnership with Marshalls/TJ Maxx in Nashua and Tewksbury, MA gain real-world retail experience. Through a series of training opportunities to help build hard and soft skills, store knowledge, interpersonal skills and develop strong standards of professional conduct, interns prepare for exciting careers within the retail industry. Training involves classroom instruction, on-the-job training, and support by retail professionals.

Curriculum covers:

  • Retail
  • Terminology
  • Stocking Procedures
  • Storing Merchandise
  • Sales Floor Best Practices
  • Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Loss Prevention
  • Safety Emergency Planning/Procedures
  • and other relevant skills training.

Job Development

The job development process begins during training where interns meet with their job developer(s) to understand career goals, transportation options, availability restrictions, to ultimately find the best possible job match. Once placed, we provide on-site Career Training for individuals to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

For more information on employment and vocational training programs, call Missy Giandomenico, at (978) 640-3936.