Health and Wellness

Health and wellness supports at The PLUS Company focus on both the mind and body. PLUS currently has two registered nurses on staff, who serve as clinical resources for clients, staff, and their families. They also monitor compliance with medication administration policies, make policy recommendations based on best practices, and work with clients to maintain healthy practices.

The PLUS Company also consults with mental health clinicians to create behavior plans, provide one-on-one support, and teach weekly classes on coping with stress and anxiety. Behavior Plans are developed by Master Level Clinicians in coordination with the individual, and the individual’s treatment team. Behavior Plans prioritize an individual’s personal strengths, objectives, likes and dignity, as well as challenges, utilizing the least restrictive methods possible. To promote positive behavioral outcomes, functional analyses are conducted, plans are customized to the individual, staff are trained, and ongoing implementation of plans are supervised by Clinicians and Program Coordinators. We are committed to promoting a rich quality of life and always consider the whole person when developing behavioral and training support plans.