The mission of the PLUS Company, an acronym for People Learning Useful Skills, is to Empower Individuals and Maximize Independence. We serve over 400 individuals and families with offices in Nashua, New Hampshire and Lawrence and Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Our goal is to provide a supportive, innovative, and creative environment that assists individuals with disabilities to develop useful skills, increase self-reliance, and become vital, productive members of their communities.  What makes us unique is that our services allow individuals to explore Home and Life skills, along with Educational/Social and Work Skills all in ONE agency. Programs are created with the vision that all people with disabilities have the confidence, dignity, and skills needed to lead quality lives.



Creative Application of Knowledge
and Community-Based Learning

The PLUS Company’s Adult Education program provides over 60 different classes for individuals with disabilities in a structured and supportive environment.  These innovative opportunities, supported solely by our fundraising efforts, help develop social skills, increase independence, develop new interests, explore available resources, participate in the community, and create a social network of support.  Thanks to our unique partnerships with area businesses and community organizations, our clients can take noncredit courses on a university campus, become more independent through financial literacy and healthy living programs, serve the community through numerous volunteer opportunities, and participate in Special Olympics of New Hampshire or other sporting endeavors.  Many of our classes are taught by volunteers who strive to ensure each client can participate and learn in a fun, inclusive environment.  Our clients and families say that the programs offered by The PLUS Company are “life-changing” offering many different learning opportunities and a welcoming social network.



Customized home and community support

Many of our clients live independently or with roommates requiring different levels of staff support. The PLUS Company is unique, because we provide individualized programming  including life skills development, social opportunities, community access and support designed specifically to fit the needs of the client. We achieve this through two main pillars; Customized Home and Community Support.   Whether the client is 18 or 80, we offer programming and enrichment activities to support individual needs that allow for maximum growth and skill development, including activities such as grocery shopping and housekeeping duties, exploring vocational opportunities to earn a paycheck, going to school, or building new friendships, The PLUS Company is there every step of the way.



Project SEARCH at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH, is a sector-based training program that teaches employability skills and offers internship experience to individuals with disabilities. This video tells the story of two graduates, Erin Freeman and Elizabeth Ledoux, and how Project SEARCH changed their lives. Hired by St.

Assessment, Training
Placement & Support


Our unique Career Assessment Program (CAP) works with individuals and their support teams to create and deliver a road map that describes their interests, learning style, support needs, and optimal employment environments so that they, and our team, can make the best possible decisions about their employment future.  We aim to provide a variety of job experiences, detailed assessments and evaluations to ensure our staff have the best information to provide the most appropriate recommendation. Ultimately, the goal is to help each client meet their full potential and live rich, and fulfilling lives. 


Combination of Classroom and On-the-Job Training Experiences, Sector-Based Training Programs develop interns for careers in various fields including:


This video tells the story of a local business who embraced people with disabilities to provide them career opportunities and transform individuals into hard working members of the community. This story is about Sean, a quiet, shy (at first) individual who learns how to build broadcast trucks and finds himself building confidence with each new task he learns.
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The PLUS Company supports individuals in the home and out in the community.  Our programs provide clients with a safe, warm, and supportive home environment that nurtures independence, self-worth, and living skills.  We pride ourselves on individualized living arrangements, including Enhanced Family Care, roomate situations, and staffed residences that meet the specific needs of our consumers, while maintaining strict compliance with the rules set by the State of NH. We provide 24-hour on-call support, coordination of medical, dental, and psychiatric appointments and community involvement including transportation to and from work, social activities, contact with family and friends, help with every day tasks, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, improving social skills, medication administration, and money management.