Kayla Lent has been employed at The PLUS Company for a little over four years. She started as a Career Trainer, and has now transitioned into a job development role. Kayla’s job is to assist clients their employment endeavors by developing, managing, and supporting them throughout job exploration, job search, applying, and interview process.  She also assists with creating and maintaining strong relationships with area employers, assisting with individualized candidate screening, and creating group or individual work opportunities.  Kayla says that she receives great satisfaction from her work, and enjoys watching the whole process unfold from beginning to end.  “I love that I make a difference in the lives of clients by increasing the self-confidence, self-worth and I get to see the happiness shine through their successes. My favorite part of working with The PLUS Company is that I work with a really dedicated and supporting team. There is a great understanding of the mission across the organization to empower adults with disabilities to maximize their independence. It’s really an amazing opportunity to work with these clients and team at The PLUS Company.”


Recently, Kaylan completed her DSP-1 certification with the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals.  This achievement acknowledges direct support professionals for their exemplary work in supporting people with disabilities.  The PLUS Company joined NADSP in 2022 to allow Direct Support Professionals to learn and apply practices and evidence-based skills in the workplace. Clients receiving supports from certified DSPs will have the advantage of partnering with highly trained professionals committed to supporting them using the ethical and effective interventions that they have mastered.