Karen Corcoran has been working at the PLUS Company as a Direct Support Professional for 7 years. When asked how she first heard about the position, she explained, “When my son Sean started to attend PLUS during and after high school, I became involved in The PLUS Company’s PLUS Pride Special Olympics program. I then began volunteering in their quilting classes along with some other activities.

At that point I knew that it this would be my dream job.” Karen continued by saying, “A typical work day for me might be transporting someone to work, the grocery store, the bank, a doctor’s appointment, or a Special Olympics practice. I might also bring them to a PLUS Company adult ed class, social event, their volunteer job, or the YMCA. I might help them grocery shop, learn how to clean their apartment, budget their food purchases and learn to cook.”

When asked what she likes best about her job she said, “I like helping my clients accomplish their goals and learning new things. They might not always like it at first but after they learn how to do things much more effectively and efficiently, they are usually quite happy.”

Thank you for all you do for PLUS, Karen!

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