What Our Customers Say

The PLUS Company of Nashua, NH provides supports and services to people with disabilities. Linda Roy was the featured client at the 2015 PLUS Company Silent Auction.

“We are writing this letter in recognition and appreciation of the INCOME PLUS Program that our daughter has attended and graduated from this past June. Erin was 22 years old when she began the program and she has a history of working very hard, yet she has not been able to be successful in a more traditional educational or work environment. In the course of the 18 weeks, Erin was given the opportunity to develop a variety of skills both technical and interpersonal in her internship in the hospitality department at UMass Lowell. Erin is very social and she really seemed to become part of the team. The support and guidance Erin has continually received through this experience has been incredible. Everyone has treated her with respect and has always encouraged her to take on new challenges while providing her with all the support she would need. The level of professionalism has been extremely impressive.

We have to truly thank The PLUS Company for their unrelenting support and advocacy for Erin. It was because of The PLUS Company's extra efforts that Erin was able to obtain her current job at Homeyer in Tewksbury. The PLUS Company navigated the process to allow Erin’s video Resume to get into the hands of the President of the Company! He was impressed with the video and Erin was promptly hired. The PLUS Company has been by Erin’s side as she transitioned into her job yet she has always allowed Erin to be as independent as possible. They have been a tremendous resource to us as parents as well, although due to the close connection and communication between her and Erin, we have not had to get too involved. We have been through a variety of school settings and programs to try to meet her needs, but none have compared to the INCOME program." - C.J.M. (Parent)

"My son participated in Project SEARCH which prepared him for independent employment.  He was offered a job immediately upon completing the program which was developed by The PLUS Company.  He was paired with a Career Trainer who is a perfect match.  She has helped my son be independent and successful at his job.  Recently he has moved to a position at another company which lets him use his abilities to the fullest." -R.H. (Parent)

What Employers Say

"Our PLUS Company/Project SEARCH Alumni at the Homewood Suites truly put the heart in hospitality. They truly care about their jobs and feel very proud of their work. We have had a fantastic experience working with both the graduates of the program and their caring Career Trainers who really blended well with our opening team. In addition to being great dependable employees our Project SEARCH graduates bring an enthusiasm and team spirit that really cannot be matched. Recently during the holidays, I was sitting in my office and heard singing.  I came out to find one of the program’s alumni was leading a few guests and team members in a spontaneous Christmas Carol in our lobby. Everyone was smiling and enjoying just one of many spontaneous, authentic moments of joy he brings to our hotel.  In a high turnover industry we have had several other job candidates come and go since our opening. The little extra time commitment in training our PLUS Company team has already been paid back in full.  They continue to be reliable workers who continue to inspire daily. Their spirit and determination really boost the whole team’s morale.  We cannot imagine coming to work without them." - Jayme Putnam, Manager, Homewood Suites by Hilton Gateway Hills Nashua

“In March 2009, I joined the Business Advisory Council (BAC) in support of Project SEARCH at St. Joseph Hospital. In 2010, I became the Vice Chair of the BAC and then in 2012 accepted the Chair position. I worked with The PLUS Company to develop and replicate the Project SEARCH program across other Sodexo sites including the “STRIDE” program at Lowell General Hospital. We worked with the workflows and job descriptions used by Sodexo to train and develop interns using the same standards we would use to evaluate any employee of Sodexo. The result has led to 5 graduating classes with a 91% placement rate upon graduation.

My time and experience working with The PLUS Company and Project SEARCH has been very rewarding. The best part of this experience is meeting the new Interns each year, watching them grow and develop during their training and then watching them with great pride on their graduation day. I hope to be able to assist and continue this great mission. I am proud to be a part of something that is just the right thing to do.” - Mark McKenna, General Manager, Sodexo at St. Joseph Hospital

“We have taken care of 2.5 million patients during over 121 years at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. We take care of patients every day and you guys were part of that. As you take care of the next patient, just imagine the care that he or she will receive. I have no question looking at each of you that every person will have a good experience. You learned a very diverse set of skills that every employer and business in the community should want. It’s clear to me that you made a difference in our lives and in our patients’ lives.” – John Malanowski, Chief Human Resources Officer, Dartmouth-Hitchcock during Project SEARCH Graduation Ceremony

"We’re very proud of our relationship with The PLUS Company and our sponsorship of Project SEARCH at St. Joseph Hospital.  Our interns spend a total of 30 weeks with us, each rotating through 3 different settings in the organization.  With a typical group of 10 interns, their exposure to a variety of  departments and experiences is rather diverse.  We’ve got outstanding supporting staff on-site, and each year our employees are eager to greet and work with the new interns.  Whether it’s a clinical or administrative setting, the interns rapidly become a part of the team, and the “St. Joseph family”.  This program enriches our lives, our work experience, and strengthens our relationship with the community.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure who benefits most.  One of the many ways we live our mission."  - Rich Boehler, MD, President and CEO of St. Joseph Hospital

"My experience with The PLUS Co. began in October 2014, when we were hiring for the Christmas season. We hired three associates from The PLUS Co. and to date still employ two of those amazing associates, who have learned and grown so much since here at Kmart. We also looked to The PLUS Co. when we were in need of a small group to process our Apparel and Footwear freight. The PLUS Co. provided me with four wonderful associates to complete this function.  The PLUS staff that work with these associates are incredible. They are not here just to support our PLUS Co. clients, but are here for us and the store as well. We appreciate them greatly! 

It has been so rewarding to watch these individuals learn and grow to be more independent. It amazes me every day to see my PLUS crew come into work without complaint and always with a smile. It's so exciting when I am asked by these associates that they want to learn more. I am very proud of each and every one of these associates and hope to work with many more!" - Jamie Bulhoes, Human Resources Manager, Kmart

"We have approximately 30 employees and 20 percent of those individuals have disabilities. Given the opportunity, they tend to perform, based on my experience, at a level that is 125% of what one might expect. There's an enthusiasm, there's a quality of character, a work ethic that is consistent. By having had this opportunity it did give other employees a wonderful opportunity to work alongside these employees, and I know for a fact that some of these employees have expanded their involvement in their community because of their experience working alongside these individuals. - Bob Purcell, President/CEO of Brevan Electronics

"As we go into our fifth month of partnership between the PLUS Company and APEM, Inc., I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication from the employees you provided. The 5 person team had done an outstanding job of picking up the day to day routine and truly displays dedicated and professional work ethics. Each member of the group brings with them a unique quality that represents their determination and effort in getting the work done with few errors. They take pride in each job they accomplish regardless of how big or how small. Their positive attitudes are infectious throughout the entire facility. We all look forward to their arrival each day..." - Paul Ramey, Operations Manager, APEM, Inc.

"We have about 500 employees and we have 9 folks from the PLUS Company that we have been working with for over 20 years. They do a variety of assembly, packing, filing, and manual dexterity jobs. If they weren't assisting us, we would have to utilize our direct labor so they save us a lot. They are vital to our operation and their good for our people to work with, to be around, to see folks who have daily struggles and how positively they go about life with those struggles. It's really refreshing. They have a real value to our organization." - Lee Binnig, Director of Human Resources, Benchmark Electronics

"We were approached by The PLUS Company a few years back and we are so glad they reached out. Jen was our first interview for a newly created position and she nailed it.  She is professional, efficient, and a pleasure to have in our office.  The Supervisor who oversees the 5 processors described Jen as “perfect”." - Peter Camello, Manager, Foy Insurance, Nashua

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