Customized Supports

We provide individual programming based on the needs of the individual including life skills, social, community access and support. What makes us unique is that we individualize supports around what the person needs. Offering hourly and full-day programs for individuals with disabilities between the ages of 21-80.  Our focus is on providing meaningful experiences and a level of care that meets the needs of each individual. We achieve this through two main pillars, Customized Home and Community Support. 

In The Community

Customized Community Support may involve helping with grocery shopping, tutoring, going to and from appointments, exploring new careers, learning useful skills, building new friendships, and participating in community-based activities. We encourage our clients to explore their community by taking part in activities, including track and field at the YMCA, taking part in book club at the library, learning about nature at Beaver Brook, participating in our campus-based enrichment program at Rivier University, and to take part in our Education and Socialization classes. It is important to note that all of our programs dovetail together in order to create a truly holistic approach to developing an individual's potential. 

At Home

Customized Home Supports may include services such as helping with personal care needs, hygiene/grooming needs, setting up cleaning/housekeeping schedules, doing laundry, money management, helping with bills, etc. Our Home Supports are customized to an individual's needs whether it be through our Roommate Programs, Staff Residence with Clinical Support, or Enhanced Family Care, we are able to align our services to empower and maximize independence. 

Specialized Programming

Intellectual Disabilities (Developmental Disabilities)
Physical Disabilities
Acquired Brain Injuries

Autism (ASD)
Seniors with Disabilities

We have programs for all walks of life including our programs for Seniors with disabilities,  which focuses on building a schedule that provides for a meaningful day. For individuals with Autism (ASD), we  focus on creating curriculum to enhance their skills,  while also developing their social being. Our goal is to provide an enriching environment for all of our clients, including recreational, educational, and employment services.

Volunteer NH, in partnership with the Governor's office, hosts the Annual Governor's Conference on Volunteerism. The conference's purpose is to educate, enhance skills and provide professional development that will support and strengthen New Hampshire's volunteer programs and organizations.


Everyone's story is unique, for example here's how we support Jeff out in the community:

Jeff is a 34 year-old male living independently in the community with a job and a full and active social life.  Thanks to PLUS, he is able to hold a job with staff ensuring he makes it to and from work on time.  He also participates in Special Olympics, where he is a tough competitor who has learned to work as part of a team.  Fridays consist of Men's Group, which is a social group consisting of 10 other gentlemen with 3 direct support staff. The Men's Group alternates picking between different community activities such as going to the movies, go-carting, grabbing dinner, going to baseball games, mini golf, shopping, and more. Jeff is proud to live independently in his apartment with support from PLUS Company staff, who help him with laundry, setting up housecleaning schedules, grocery shopping, prepping meals for the week, learning how to cook, and nutritional needs.  Jeff and his staff also work on budgeting and money management, paying bills, going to the Dr.'s appointments, helping with online classes, roommate mediation, and employment readiness/personal hygiene. Jeff is so happy to be part of The PLUS Company and of his active, full life.

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