Community-Based Learning and
Social Enrichment Activities

interactive life skills development

We offer instructor-led, classroom-style, experiential, community-based learning and support with over 60 different classes each month. Individuals have the opportunity to develop social skills, increase independence, develop interests, explore various resources, participate in community activities all while creating a social network of support and fostering a sense of accomplishment. We partner with many community organizations to help deliver innovative, fun, and supportive learning opportunities such as our Literacy Program with Rivier University, or our Art Program with the Currier Art Institute. Many of our folks participate in an exclusive Aquafit class hosted and taught by certified members of the Greater Nashua YMCA. We are the premier Adult Education provider for people with developmental disabilities with much thanks to our community and partners. 

Curriculum at a Glace

  • Art: Beading, Quilting, Painting, Sewing, Knitting, Scrapbooking, and Photography

  • Community Service Leadership: Food Pantry, Red Cross, Homeless Shelters

  • Clubs/Social: Anime, Nascar, Book, Walking, Bowling, Wrestling, and Go Green Clubs

  • Health and Fitness: Aquafit, Special Olympics, Bowling, Dancercise, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Healthy Cooking, and Wii Fit

  • General Education: Woodworking, Literacy, and Public Speaking

  • Life Skills: Money Management, Cooking, Baking, Managing Relationships, Self-Advocation, Anger Management, Positivity Training, and Problem Solving

  • Music: Performing Arts, Music Therapy, and Music Hour Sponsored by TD Bank

  • Extracurricular/Social: Bingo, Movie Nights, Pizza Nights, and Holiday Dances

For a complete list, contact Leni Hodgins, Adult Education Director, contact information listed below or see our Monthly Calendar. Some classes may require an additional student fee to keep programs competitive. Contact Leni for more information or sign up now!


Volunteer NH, in partnership with the Governor's office, hosts the Annual Governor's Conference on Volunteerism. The conference's purpose is to educate, enhance skills and provide professional development that will support and strengthen New Hampshire's volunteer programs and organizations.
Shilo Allard has been receiving services from PLUS Company since 2012. He participates in many activities in our Education and Socialization programs, which are entirely funded by donations. With many thanks on this St. Patrick's Day 2017, we sincerely appreciate your support!


Contact Information

Leni Hodgins, Adult Education Director
(603) 889-0652 ext. 125 |

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