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Clinical Supports

Clinical Supports are flexible services which increase or decrease as the needs of the person change to ensure that each individual's physical, emotional, psychological, and medical needs are met in a timely, comprehensive and individualized manner. The Clinical Support team consists of Senior Management and Certified RN's in partnership with community healthcare providers, psychiatric and counseling services, health and wellness resources and programs. 


RN Health and Wellness

You're in good hands when you come to The PLUS Company. Our full-time nursing staff work with program supervisors to provide safeguard monitoring, develop appropriate interventions, coordinate quality improvement, offers a wide variety of health and wellness resources, programs, and training. 


Managed care

We collaborate with licensed consultants including Social Work, Speech and Language, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Rehabilitation. Our goal is ensure stabilization to meet basic needs, resolve problems, and take the steps necessary to support the individual and help them live a fulfilling life.